How to Ask Your Doctor About Cannabis


How to Ask Your Doctor About Cannabis

While medical cannabis has had a rocky history for the past century, as more people are becoming comfortable with it, each year more places have been legalizing cannabis for medical use. It can be difficult, however, to navigate all of the information out there. So, how do you know that medical cannabis is right for you? The first step is to ask your doctor. It is only through close work with your healthcare provider that you can decide whether or not cannabis will be helpful to you.


We know that talking about medical cannabis can be intimidating and confusing. Our goal is to remove the stigma surrounding this industry and empower patients to ask the right questions so they can get the treatment they need. Here's a list of questions you can ask your healthcare provider to determine if medical cannabis is an option for you and, if so, what your next steps should be. 


  1. What are the health risks associated with cannabis use?
  2. What types of ailments can be treated with cannabis? Does cannabis seem like a good option for my ailments?
  3. What is your suggested cannabis consumption method? Should I smoke it, use edibles, or what about vaporizers? 
  4. Where can I find more information on medicinal cannabis?
  5. Will this effect my everyday lifestyle?
  6. Will cannabis interact with my other medications?


If you do some research before you meet with your doctor, you can ask specific questions and will be better prepared to have a thoughtful conversation with your healthcare provider.  With laws changing everyday across every state regarding cannabis use make sure you know what your state laws are regarding cannabis use. Some states allow all uses of cannabis over the age of 18 while a few states are still only medical uses and some still have it banned altogether. Know the laws and regulations and talk to your doctor about your best option. 

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