It's All Good

Irie Hemp Company is now offering a socially conscious premium organic CBD-hemp extract (Cannabidiol) product line!


We believe that the superfood CBD should be available to all, not just to those who can afford it. In the new giving-centered campaign, dubbed, "It's all good", for every product you buy, you can nominate someone who may not be able to afford CBD and place them on a list to receive a free product. For every two products Irie sells, Irie will ship a CBD product from their catalog to the nominee, free of cost (within the US).  If no one is nominated, Irie will donate a CBD product to a partnering health practitioner in the developing world so that he/she can pass it along to someone in need.



1) In the check out process, put the name and address (and desired product to gift) of a person you would like to nominate

2) Email the company anytime - Contact us here


So when you buy a our premium organic CBD products, you also give!

We have tinctures, vapes and a balm for you to choose from. We also have new products for kids and your pets!


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With premium organic all-natural ingredients, products made with love for a low price, and when you buy you also give, you can feel good about buying with Irie! In fact, it is "all good!" Here is what our Co-Founder, Dr. Rick Potts has to say about our campaign:


“Giving is a natural reflection of the spirt in which we operate, the passion we hold for health and wellness, and our commitment to advancing hemp products, research and policy. A socially conscious model honors our belief in the potential of this amazing plant, and the heritage of freedom that cannabis represents.”